Friday Faves

Schmidt’s Natural Deodorant- Holiday Spice – $8.99
I’be been searching high and low for a natural deodorant that I like and didn’t leave a weird residue! When one of my IG mamas posted Schmidt’s brand, I had to try it! Best one I’ve ever tried and this holiday spice scent is amazing! 

The Spirit if Christmas by Nancy Tillman – $11.05

I’ve been reading this book to Mason since he was a baby and now I read it to Mason and Paige. One of my Christmas favorites for sure. I always feel all warm and fuzzy when I read it. One of my most favorite lines from the book is “Because it took nothing but love to begin it, it’s not really Christmas if love isn’t in it”, it reminds me how God the Father gave us Jesus and Jesus’ birth is what we are celebrating after all. 

Pom Pom Beanies – $5-$15

I’ve been wearing my knit Pom Pom beanies weekly! I found mine in the Target Bullseye section, but I couldn’t find the link so I found a similar one to link up for you all. I wish I had them in all colors. 
Madden Girl Brando – $39.99

These are super comfortable and a great alternative to pricey Birkenstocks. Love them!

Goody Hair Spin Pins – $5.89

I was originally sent these as part of a collaboration with Goody and these are the best for us moms. Mom buns are apart of my daily life and these make it so easy! All you do is twist into your bun and it holds it up great. No clips needed! 

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