DIY Farm Fresh Christmas Trees Sign 

Hi you all! So, my hubby and I made our first sign together. After searching online for similar signs in this size and finding out that most were around the $150-$200 range, we decided to try and make our own.

The first thing I did was text my friend and ask if she could make a decal (of this size) for us. Thankfully she said yes! So, then I searched online for a template online. I found an SVG file from Mountain Modern Life ($10.00), and emailed it to my friend to make the stencil for me. 

My husband bought trim and wood big enough to fit the 23”x27” decal and then made the cuts to fit. Sorry, not much detail here. I tend to pay more attention to just the things I need to do. 🙈 

After my husband made the cuts, I stained the wood board with General Finishes Antique Walnut Wood Stain (available here – $21). I find that working with a gel stain is so much easier to use the liquid ones.

Once I was done staining the back board, I started painting the trim. I am obsessed with the galvanized metal look, so that’s the look I wanted to achieve on our wood trim and decided to do faux galvanized metal with a little bit of faux rust (for character). Here are the products I used for staining and painting:

The Delta Ceramcoat Acrylic Paints I bought from our local Ben Franklin Craft Store. Any brand of acrylic paint will work. You need black and a metallic silver (this one is named Platium). 

First, I painted all the wood pieces with the black acrylic paint:

Once all the pieces were painted black, I dabbed the metallic silver on top. You don’t want to “paint” the silver on. Dabbing it on will give it texture.

My favorite part is adding the “rust”. This, I did with cinnamon (I bought this cinnamon specifically for crafting). So what you do is take a little bit of the silver metallic paint and apply a light coat wherever you want the rust look. Then, you sprinkle the cinnamon there and brush off the excess. I applied “rust” in random areas to make it look more natural. 

My husband them glued and nailed the pieces into place. Don’t mind the lighting here, it was evening time when we reached this stage. 

Now it gets tricky. Applying the decal straight and centered. It took my husband and I about 20 minutes to do just this. It’s trickier than you think and not as easy as it looks (working with such a large decal). Once the decal was in place, I took the top clear layer off (another job that wasn’t as easy as it seems). It was definitely worth it in the end though! 

After the top layer was off the decal, all we did was paint over the decal with some more acrylic paint (2 coats).

As you can see, I originally painted the “Complimentry Cider and Hot Cocoa” line red. But my red acrylic paint was years old (and I thought it would be ok to work with – wrong)! Once the paint was dry and it was time to peel the decal off, the red paint was lifting and stretching. So, I put the decal back down and painted over the red with white to make it a little stronger and bond better to the wood. It worked, up close you can see the imperfections from this on the sign but from a far, it looks alright.

All in all, we are so happy with the sign! Here it is hung on our mantel (not done decorating):

And did I mention it’s HUGE?


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