Slow Strolls by the Sea

When I became a mama, one thing I really struggled getting used to was the sudden slower pace of life. Before I gave birth, I was working full-time and often filled my calendar on my days off. Not to mention I was in the thick of busy with the hustle and bustle of the holidays right before giving birth last January. It took awhile for me to get used to and appreciate the slow down of time once baby came; something I definitely was not used to and doesn’t come naturally for me. That being said, one thing that really helped with the adjustment was taking beach walks with Jeremiah near our house. 

The beach access.

I like to walk the beach in the late afternoon when the sun isn’t blazing and the breeze is nice and cool. I carry Jeremiah in his carrier when I walk, making sure to put sunscreen and a hat on him if it’s still sunny or socks if it’s cold. When he was smaller he definitely fell asleep every time we’d go, but now that he is bigger he usually is awake the whole time. It’s so fun to see him exploring the scenery and enjoying the walk as much as I am. He often sticks his arm out of the carrier to feel the wind and likes to point at the people and dogs we pass. If he falls asleep, I like to use the time we’re walking to reflect and pray. 

He likes to walk with his arm out like this.

Learning to live slower this past year has definitely taught me to appreciate the beauty in the little things I may have taken for granted before. I’ve also realized that not being super busy is not a bad thing, who says we have to always have something going on anyway? 

The path.

I decided to take my phone along for one of our walks this week and took snapshots to share some of the beauty in our everyday with you. And I want to encourage any new mamas out there who may be struggling with the pace-change also, it isn’t forever and it does get better. 🙂 

A glimpse of Hawaiian autumn.
Me, Jeremiah and the sea.
I always leave my slippers in the same spot.
The barnacles were still alive. It was so cool to see them moving.
Beach goodies I picked up for a project.
Sunset colors before heading home.

2 thoughts on “Slow Strolls by the Sea

  1. Lovely!! This is a cute blog too. We very much enjoy beach walks in Santa Monica. We went to Hawaii last year though and had the best time. We visited Oahu and the Big Island. I’m trying to figure out which beach this could be…Lanikai?

    Pernilla @swedest_la

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Pernilla! Thanks for the lovey comment 🙂 this is Castles, the very first beach access in Kailua on your way to Lanikai… good eye! 😉


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