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Halloween with the Joseph’s 

Halloween is my absolute least favorite holiday, but I like to make it fun for the kids and create memories. It also sparks my creativity which is a plus. Every year (like most families) we dress up and go trick or treating together.

I usually let Mason and Paige choose what we will be and this year they decided on characters from the Disney movie “Descendants 2”. We love that movie! Mason chose to be Harry Hook (son of Captain Hook) and Paige wanted to be Uma (daughter of Ursula). My husband was Gil (son of Gaston) and I was their rival for the night, Mal (Malificent’s daughter). 

Paige’s costume is the only costume we bought. We had so much fun making the rest of our outfits together. Mason’s vest and my vest were similar in the making. I took leather-like jackets, cut the sleeves off and the kids dry brushed and patted the paint on them to make it a more textured look like in the movie. We had to do two coats of paint because the leather kept soaking in the color. Once the paint was dry, I used my glue gun and glued studs on both of our vests. The vests are what took up the most work of our wearable costumes, but the kids loved being able to help with them! 

Here are the kids painting Mason’s undershirt:

And a photo of my vest in the making:

Here are photos of their final outfits:

The hardest part of our costume was the pirate ship for the wagon (and mini ship for Mason’s school costume contest – he won!). The pirate ship is made out of cardboard. I bought wood looking contact paper and covered the entire outside of the cardboard ship. Once I had the contact paper on, we used a black sharpie to draw on the planks and nails. We then painted circles and paper towel rolls black, and attached them on the sides of the ship to look like cannons. My husband made the flag pole out of scrap wood pieces and the flag the out of a paint drop cloth. Here is the final outcome (minus my hubby who was taking the picture):

The whole get-up was a hit. We’ve received so much compliments while out trick or treating, (and had our picture taken quite a few times too). There was also two older girls dressed as Uma (about 11 or 12) fighting over Mason. They kept saying “He’s MY Harry” “No, he’s MY Harry”. Too funny! 😂 A little effort makes all the difference though, and I’m so thankful that I’m able to stay home and have the time to do things like this. DIY costume or store bought, it doesn’t matter. What matters the most is creating those memories, being a part of those moments, and spending that quality time with our loved ones. 

I will say, one highlight of the night was Thomas Doherty, the actor who plays Harry Hook in the movie Descendants 2, commented on our Instagram photo! Mason was stoked! So neat, right?

A few photos from last night:

Paige wouldn’t go to any house without holding Mason’s hand.

I love spirited people who play along!

We hope you all had a fun and safe Halloween. Now, for the real holidays! I couldn’t be more excited! 🤗


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