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Mason’s Shark Cupcakes

Mason’s 7th Birthday is tomorrow (I can’t believe it) and he decided that he wanted shark themed cupcakes for his class. 

The first thing I did was order 24 vanilla cupcakes from Safeway with light blue frosting. I also requested that they used the round tip for a smoother look. Not going to lie, I don’t trust my baking skills to feed other people so ordering was the easiest thing for me and 24 cupcakes for $11 isn’t bad! 🙆🏽

I then searched for images of shark warning signs on Google. Once I found one that I liked, I saved the image, resized, copy, pasted and printed on card stock paper so I could make the first of the two toppers. I then cut the images out and to make it easier I cut them side by side (shown below) so I could just fold them over. The last step was to add some hot glue in the center and the toothpick and squeeze shut. 

The next step was making the fondant shark fins. The kids helped with this one and had so much fun! I used Wilton White Vanilla Fondant (there are homemade recipes for fondant too but again, I don’t trust myself baking for other people 🤣) and black food coloring to make gray. The fondant came out looking more of a purple-ish color than gray but we were fine with it. 

Once the food coloring was mixed well, I rolled it out. Fondant tends to get sticky, so when it does, you just want to sprinkle powdered sugar on it. After I rolled the fondant out, the kids got to cutting the shark fins with the shark fin cookie cutter that I got off Etsy. 

Once we had the fins all cut out, I inserted toothpicks in them so that they stand better on the cupcakes. The photo below is after I just inserted the toothpicks (the fins need dusting).

The last part was the crushing of the graham crackers to make sand. The kids enjoyed this too (though it was hard to get a picture because they were pounding the graham crackers so fast)!

With all that done, the last step was putting them together. Here is the final product! Mason is so excited to bring them to class tomorrow!


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