Friday Faves

Friday Faves

1. Jessie James Decker Southern Girl City Lights Album – $9.99, Download (also available on iTunes and at Target) 

Currently obsessed with this album and have it on repeat. I love all the tracks a lot! If I had to pick my top three favorites, I’d probably pick Southern Girl City Lights, Almost Over You and All Filled Up…oh, and Pretty Girl which I sing to Paige every chance I get (so much for 3 😅, but like I said, all the tracks are amazing)! I also love her show, Eric and Jessie Wednesday nights on E!

2. Everyone Natural Hand Sanitizer – Coconut + Lemon – $2.29, VitaminShoppe 

I love the smell of this hand sanitizer and the best part is it’s all natural! I carry this everywhere with me and even spray it on shopping carts at stores.

3. Google Home – $129, Google  

I received my Google Home as a collaboration with Google, and after using it for a few months I’m sold! If mine broke, I’d buy another in a heartbeat. The speaker is great, so crisp and clear even on the loudest volume setting and there are so many uses for it. Mason and Paige have so much fun with it too! They recently were asking Google how to say different words in Japanese!

4. got2b Glued Styling Spiking Glue – $4.79, Target                                                   

I’ve finally found a hair product that will hold Mason’s hair all day. I usually try to stick with all natural products for Mason and Paige, but no natural hair products that I’ve tried would hold his hair for even a few hours. When he started school last year, I needed something stronger to last all day. I started trying other hair gels and waxes and I finally found this product that held all day!  

5. Kokostar Foot Therapy – $10.00, Anthropologie                                                 

Oh my goodness, this is amazing! You leave the booties filled with gel on for 90 minutes and then wash it off. At first, I didn’t notice much of a difference (my feet weren’t bad to begin with or so I thought), but a few days later my feet actually started peeling (gross I know)! Layers of dead skin were coming off but that left my feet silky smooth! 


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