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C is for Cookies

Autumn is one of our favorite times of the year because it signifies the start of the holiday season! In Hawaii it doesn’t get super cold out, but we still like to don a light sweater at the slightest sign of a cool breeze (humor us!).

To kick-off the fall festivities we decided to have a pumpkin cookie decorating day with the kids. Cookie decorating is a great tradition to start with little ones because it makes for great memories and is fairly easy to organize. 

In our case, to make things as easy as possible for us moms and for the kiddos, I baked the cookies a day ahead at my house. When we all got together all we had to do was make the icing, show the kids what to do, and voila! 

Although we definitely need to work on our cookie decorating skills, it was super fun and tasty. We will definitely be doing cookie days more often. Mason and Paige kept “accidentally” breaking the cookies so they could eat them, making for lots of laughs. I wore Jeremiah in my Tula the whole time so he wouldn’t miss out on the action. Baby carriers are seriously a life saver for this mama! Altogether our decorating day only took two hours at most, and I made it home in time for Jeremiah’s nap time. 

If you have more time on your hands I would suggest maybe theming the decorating with a movie that goes along with the cookies. In this case with pumpkins, maybe a Halloween themed movie or even Thanksgiving if it’s November. I included the recipe for the cookies below so you can have a decorating day for yourself. There are many different icing options available out there depending on your preference.

 Happy decorating!


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