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Hey guys! We are currently revamping the blog and will be back to regular posting this summer… stay tuned!


Friday Faves

Schmidt’s Natural Deodorant- Holiday Spice – $8.99
I’be been searching high and low for a natural deodorant that I like and didn’t leave a weird residue! When one of my IG mamas posted Schmidt’s brand, I had to try it! Best one I’ve ever tried and this holiday spice scent is amazing! 

The Spirit if Christmas by Nancy Tillman – $11.05

I’ve been reading this book to Mason since he was a baby and now I read it to Mason and Paige. One of my Christmas favorites for sure. I always feel all warm and fuzzy when I read it. One of my most favorite lines from the book is “Because it took nothing but love to begin it, it’s not really Christmas if love isn’t in it”, it reminds me how God the Father gave us Jesus and Jesus’ birth is what we are celebrating after all. 

Pom Pom Beanies – $5-$15

I’ve been wearing my knit Pom Pom beanies weekly! I found mine in the Target Bullseye section, but I couldn’t find the link so I found a similar one to link up for you all. I wish I had them in all colors. 
Madden Girl Brando – $39.99

These are super comfortable and a great alternative to pricey Birkenstocks. Love them!

Goody Hair Spin Pins – $5.89

I was originally sent these as part of a collaboration with Goody and these are the best for us moms. Mom buns are apart of my daily life and these make it so easy! All you do is twist into your bun and it holds it up great. No clips needed! 


One Gift, Five Ways

Hi Everyone! We apologize for the mini hiatus, life got a little busy the past few weeks with Thanksgiving and everything. That being said, can you believe it’s already December?! I feel like November flew by.

With all the Christmas shopping and gift buying out there, I decided to dedicate a post to gift wrapping. Normally I am a gift bag and tissue paper kinda gal (easy peasy), but when Christmas rolls around I like to spend time and wrap the gifts I give.

I decided to see what I could come up with for this year using one gift wrapped in brown packing paper, and using things I already had in my Christmas storage bin.

Here are the results:

I like simple, clean designs!

It was fun to get creative, and the best part is everything I used I already had so the money I saved on wrapping paper, ribbon, etc. can be put towards my gift budget! Win win!


DIY Farm Fresh Christmas Trees Sign 

Hi you all! So, my hubby and I made our first sign together. After searching online for similar signs in this size and finding out that most were around the $150-$200 range, we decided to try and make our own.

The first thing I did was text my friend and ask if she could make a decal (of this size) for us. Thankfully she said yes! So, then I searched online for a template online. I found an SVG file from Mountain Modern Life ($10.00), and emailed it to my friend to make the stencil for me. 

My husband bought trim and wood big enough to fit the 23”x27” decal and then made the cuts to fit. Sorry, not much detail here. I tend to pay more attention to just the things I need to do. 🙈 

After my husband made the cuts, I stained the wood board with General Finishes Antique Walnut Wood Stain (available here – $21). I find that working with a gel stain is so much easier to use the liquid ones.

Once I was done staining the back board, I started painting the trim. I am obsessed with the galvanized metal look, so that’s the look I wanted to achieve on our wood trim and decided to do faux galvanized metal with a little bit of faux rust (for character). Here are the products I used for staining and painting:

The Delta Ceramcoat Acrylic Paints I bought from our local Ben Franklin Craft Store. Any brand of acrylic paint will work. You need black and a metallic silver (this one is named Platium). 

First, I painted all the wood pieces with the black acrylic paint:

Once all the pieces were painted black, I dabbed the metallic silver on top. You don’t want to “paint” the silver on. Dabbing it on will give it texture.

My favorite part is adding the “rust”. This, I did with cinnamon (I bought this cinnamon specifically for crafting). So what you do is take a little bit of the silver metallic paint and apply a light coat wherever you want the rust look. Then, you sprinkle the cinnamon there and brush off the excess. I applied “rust” in random areas to make it look more natural. 

My husband them glued and nailed the pieces into place. Don’t mind the lighting here, it was evening time when we reached this stage. 

Now it gets tricky. Applying the decal straight and centered. It took my husband and I about 20 minutes to do just this. It’s trickier than you think and not as easy as it looks (working with such a large decal). Once the decal was in place, I took the top clear layer off (another job that wasn’t as easy as it seems). It was definitely worth it in the end though! 

After the top layer was off the decal, all we did was paint over the decal with some more acrylic paint (2 coats).

As you can see, I originally painted the “Complimentry Cider and Hot Cocoa” line red. But my red acrylic paint was years old (and I thought it would be ok to work with – wrong)! Once the paint was dry and it was time to peel the decal off, the red paint was lifting and stretching. So, I put the decal back down and painted over the red with white to make it a little stronger and bond better to the wood. It worked, up close you can see the imperfections from this on the sign but from a far, it looks alright.

All in all, we are so happy with the sign! Here it is hung on our mantel (not done decorating):

And did I mention it’s HUGE?


Friday Faves

Friday Faves

Summer Infant Pop N’ Play – $55.16 – Amazon

When it came to babyproofing, I debated between getting this play yard or the hard plastic type. After lots of research, I’m SO glad I chose this! We live in an apartment and this folds up nice and compact which is AMAZING since we don’t have a lot of space. It’s also super easy to pop up and take down, which is nice since I only put Jeremiah in it when I need to clean up or something. The mesh is great because it’s lightweight and he can still see through it.

Ziggy Baby Muslin Swaddle Set – $24.99 (3-pack) – Ziggy Baby

I love this swaddle set. I’ve had it since Jeremiah was born and chose it because it’s black and white (surprise surprise) and matches with everything. When Jeremiah stopped sleeping swaddled up, he started using them as blankets. They’re nice and lightweight so he doesn’t get too hot at night, and they get softer with every wash.

A Library Card

I can’t say enough good things about going to the library. I go weekly with Jeremiah and we have a great time! You can rent books, movies or music… and our library even has a monthly event calendar which includes baby story time on Mondays. I recommend you check out what your local library offers if you haven’t yet… what’s best of all is it’s FREE!

Gerber Graduates Tri-Suction Plate – $5.99 – Target

Of all the baby suction dishes I’ve tried, this is the ONLY one that has actually withstood Jeremiah trying to pull it off of his high chair. He’s a strong baby and all the other ones have ended up on the floor. I only use this plate for him now because I know it works!

Hofish Women’s Nursing Cami – $19.99 (3-pack) – Amazon

I pretty much live in these camis when I’m at home. They come in different color varieties but I always get them in all gray. I like them because they’re super easy to nurse with (no snaps!), they’re comfortable and they’re inexpensive compared to a lot of other nursing tops I’ve come across.

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We’ve been so blessed to be able to collaborate with such an amazing and generous company. Hatley not only designs and creates quality products, but they give back too. 

Here is an excerpt from their website that explains:

Much of Hatley’s clothing production takes place in Tirupur, India, a city in the south of India with a booming textile industry but much poverty as well. In 2012, Hatley began supporting an orphanage in Erode called Open Door Mercy Home Trust. It houses 22 boys and girls of all ages, and they are all Christian, which is the minority in India. The teacher and owner was an orphan himself, and he and his wife have 2 helpers – the four of them take care of all 22 kids. They are all truly inspiring. The kids go to public school and all study very hard.

The children in the Open Door Mercy Home orphanage do not have much, but they are a very happy family. Hatley helps to provide funding for food, clothing, computers, school supplies, and even a new roof. We have also took them on field trips to surrounding areas the children have never been to. It’s a wonderful place to support. Pandit, one of our suppliers, supports the orphanage on a monthly basis along with several other business partners. This allows the patron, teacher and spiritual leader of the orphanage – Mr. Rajesh – to concern himself less about raising money and instead focus on the important job of educating and raising the children.” 

Amazing right?


Now, lets talk about their products! First off, rain wear. Rain has never been more exciting and fun! I’ve always loved rain, especially when we are at home all cuddled on the couch. Who’s with me? Now that we have cute rain wear, we can’t wait to go out at the first sign of a drizzle! Mason and Paige splash in the puddles wearing their rain boots every chance they get and I don’t have to worry about wet shoes and socks. Mom win!

Here are Mason and Paige in their Hatley rain wear. Mason is wearing the Vikings and Foes print available here and Paige is wearing the Winged Unicorn print available here

Hatley also has women’s rain coats and just like the kids’ coats, the quality is amazing! All coats are fully lined to ensure you stay dry. My Classic Raincoat in Camo Green is available here. This raincoat is also available in Navy and Navy Grid.

Not only does Hatley make quality rain wear, they also make quality pajamas, robes and clothing as well. See some of our favorite Hatley picks below.

Who doesn’t love flannel? The dinosaurs on this button up make it extra cool. Mason is wearing the Flannel Dino button down shirt available here

And how sweet is Paige’s dress? I love pastel colors and this dress is everything. I also, love the style of this dress so much. Unicorns in the Garden Layer Dress available here.

Robes! These robes are the softest I’ve ever felt, so perfect for keeping cozy at home. The fun prints  were a hit to Mason and Paige and they are constantly snuggling up in theirs. You can get Mason’s Moose Shadows fleece robe here or Paige’s Yummy Cupcakes fleece robe here. These would make a great gift too!

Pajamas are a favorite in our house, especially during fall or winter when the air is cooler. Hatley pajamas are made with organic cotton which is a major plus in our family. Keep your little ones snug in the Blue Moose pajama set or the Birds of a Feather pajama set. They have so many other prints to so go check them out!

And for this mama. I love my Easy Autumn Sweater paired with Hatley’s Smart Skinny Pants in Black. I’m all about stylish comfort and these pieces give you that. Here I am ready for a Target run:

All in all, our family loves the Hatley brand. Head to their Instagram page and visit their Website to view more! 

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Friday Faves

Method Laundry Detergent – Ginger Mango – $12.99 – Target

My favorite laundry detergent and scent (not overpowering but so good)! Before I found Method detergents, we used to use the Honest brand detergent, but my husband didn’t like it because it didn’t have smell. This Ginger Mango one smells so good AND it’s plant based. Perfect for those of you who want a “cleaner” “less toxic” detergent like our family. They have other scents too. 

doTERRA On Guard – $42.67 – doTERRA

My cousin sent my sister and I a rollerball tube with this oil the last time Mason and Paige had a cold. All I can say is amazing! Usually Mason brings home some kind of bug from school, so I started applying this to him in the mornings (and also give him a teaspoon of the Elderberry syrup) and so far so good! Paige and I recently came down with a nasty cold (I wasn’t as adamant about applying to her since we hardly go anywhere, but I will now) and Mason didn’t catch what we had! That has never happened before! 

Elderberry Syrup – $14.58 – iherb

See doTERRA post. Used this syrup in conjunction with the On Guard blend. Elderberry helps naturally boost the immune system.

Hatley Classic Raincoat in Camo Green – $108 – Hatley

I was so excited to receive this, and it did not disappoint! The quality is amazing (not like those plastic ones we had growing up) and I get excited every time it rains and I get to use it. Blog post coming soon for this Hatey collaboration I was blessed to be a part of.

Starbucks Gingerbread Latte – $5 – Starbucks

My go-to Starbucks holiday drink! I get excited for this every year. I order my gingerbread latte with coconut milk instead of regular milk because I try to stay away from dairy as much as possible. Growing up, I never did like milk and now that I’m older, milk doesn’t like me. 😕